Siding Calgary

Many Calgary residents forget about their homes’ siding until they outlive their life span and lose their lusters. Siding is an essential element of a home’s exterior, as it speaks volumes about your home and your personality as well.

Many times, homeowners are forced to replace siding because of age, or damage caused by weather elements. Sometimes you may also replace your siding as part of your home renovation to give it a more modern look.

Siding Calgary

Reasons for new siding installation

  1. Upgrading the appearance of your home according to modern standards and be at per with the neighborhood
  2. When your old siding has outlived its standard years and is now old, rusty, cracked, dented, warped, rotten or damaged. This caused by weather elements or attacks by insects.
  3. To improve energy efficiency by installing the insulated siding. This helps reduce your energy bills considerably
  4. To increase your home's value when you are putting it up for resale
  5. Don't forget about your basement. A house with beautiful siding should have a beautiful and useful basement. We recommend basement renovation company in Newmarket and Toronto area -

Benefits of siding

  • Improves the aesthetic value of a home by making the exterior to have a curb-appeal
  • Improves energy efficiency by acting as an insulator
  • Increases the home value, especially if intended for resale
  • Reduced maintenance cost since regular repainting is not necessary, and some like vinyl do not even need repainting

Popular siding in Calgary

Vinyl siding

Vinyl is trendy, not only in Calgary but other parts of the world as well. It has the benefit of being cost-effective, lightweight, durable, easy to maintain, and it comes in a variety of colors and custom designs. The only challenge with using vinyl is that if not properly maintained, it can crack or have dents.

Aluminum siding

Aluminum siding is also very popular for siding contractors in Calgary because of its durability and ease of installation. It is also effortless to maintain and is quite resistant to weather elements. Aluminum siding does not rot like wood and does not crack like vinyl, which is why some people prefer it over those. Despite the limited color options available and the obviously high price, those who need durable siding that can last for ages still opt for Aluminum.

Wood siding

Anyone who needs a contemporary feel goes for wood siding. You can charmingly use the different hues and types of wood to give your home a desirable natural look. Besides, wood is cost-effective, durable, and second to none in allure. Its drawback is dry rot, if not maintained, because of its natural characteristic.

Fiber-cement siding

Fiber-cement is a dream come true for the environment lovers. It is a green option that makes use of recycled elements and is both very classy and functional. It is installed more like wood siding and is very durable; making it one of the popular choices for most homeowners in Calgary. Its high price is its major drawback, but considering the value that it has, many people would instead go for it and have peace of mind.

Considerations when choosing a siding material

Design and color

A home’s exterior portrays the image of the house. You should, therefore, go for a design and color that is not only functional but also appropriate and beautiful.


To avoid frequent costs of maintenance and replacement, it’s wise to go for a durable material that will last for ages.


Consider choosing an affordable siding material. However, don't foolishly go for low-quality products just because they are cheap.


Choosing a low maintenance siding is very cost-effective in the long run. Vinyl, for example, only requires regular cleaning using soap and water, which is why it’s the most common in Calgary.

How to identify the best siding company

  1. Has the right certifications and licenses required for siding
  2. The employees have the expertise and experience in handling your specific type of siding
  3. The team is made up of many workers, which can assure you of speed and high-quality service
  4. The reviews from previous clients bend more on the positive rather than the negative side
  5. Offers accurate estimates for the job
  6. The quotes are within range, compared to other contractors. Not too high, not too low.
  7. Has a valid insurance
  8. Offers warranty
  9. Their customer relations is perfect, reliable and polite
  10. The company employees are flexible and can work with your schedule

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